Optimize your computer's usage of RAM memory with SuperRam. It is easy to get more out of your system's memory with this easy-to-use program. SuperRam does not affect your hardware while it frees up system resources and improves performance.

The program has been carefully tested and proven to provide better RAM memory management and increased system performance. Unlike other RAM modifiers on the market, you will immediately be able to see a difference when using this program.

Stop experiencing crashing programs and those irritating the low memory pop-up warnings. SuperRam puts a stop to these and other performance issues and allows Windows operating systems to run for longer. You do not have to keep rebooting your system after a low memory warning because you have control over the amount of memory being used.

Performance is enhanced because you decide how much memory your computer maintains with SuperRam and the rest is released back to the system for other uses. Your programs run smoother and your system does not crash due to lack of memory.

Key Features:

  • optimizes memory usage
  • works quietly in the background to manage memory resources
  • icon in the system tray is playing memory availability
  • fully customizable
  • you choose settings and preferences
  • simple, easily used and intuitive interface
  • optimizes memory in real time


  • 90 MHz or higher processor (Intel)
  • 32 MB of RAM recommended
  • 5 MB free hard disk space
  • VGA monitor
  • mouse or pointing device.

What's New:

SuperRam 6.11.7 includes a bug fix to make it work better with systems running Windows XP. Previously, systems running XP without service pack three installed could crash when using SuperRam. This issue is now fixed for both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

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