RAM Saver Pro 11.11

Your computer's RAM affects your system's performance much more than you might assume. Your system uses RAM for many different processes. If you open up many programs at once, or you use very system intensive programs, you may encounter an issue where your system just can't keep up with your demands. RAM Saver is an application that gets more efficient use out of your existing RAM, so you don't need to run to the store to get a memory upgrade if your system isn't working the way it should be.

RAM Saver works by keeping track of the requests made to your system's memory. It attempts to allocate the RAM as efficiently as possible by stopping memory leaks, switching unused libaries to the hard drive and running a defragmentation process on the RAM.

RAM Saver loads a monitor on your system tray and allows you to watch the RAM and CPU usage for yourself. You can manually provide a program with more RAM if it needs it, as well as testing your memory for any problems. You'll have unprecendented control over everything related to your system's RAM with this application, including a way to completely free up all of your system's memory with a single click.

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