AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108


Having a web browser that steals your information and send it back home is no fun. Now you can eliminate curious browsers from spying on your internet activities. AntiBrowserSpy is the perfect application that will help you put an end to noisy browsers. It works well with FIreFox Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other. Browsers collect your internet browsing experience and keep a profile on you as to what kind of internet user you are. AntBrowserSpy will put an end to their curiosity by deleting the information these browsers have in storage. It will help improve the security of all browsing experiences.

This application does so much more. It can also clean up data residue and create automatic backup of your browsers without deleting them. The developers of these browsers have installed this type of functionality into their browsers that lets them spy on the users every move. The browsers collect a large amount of personal information that users are not aware of. No browser is safe anymore now FireFox and Safari are both sending out private information of its users as well.

What AntiBrowserSpy does is turn off the browser function so they are not able to spy anymore. It also helps you to remove internet histories, and hidden URLs. The application has a cookie manager that allows you to view which cookies you want and which ones you want to get rid of. The software application also lets you save your current browser setting by allowing you to create backups. You can also bookmark your data and save it any place you like; even if you switch computers.

This application works on any personal computer. It can be set to clear up all cookies at the startup screen. The program comes with step by step detailed information and instructions.

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  • Software Name:
  • AntiBrowserSpy
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  • 3.6.108 Build 108
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  • Windows
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  • Abelssoft
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  • AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108
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AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108
AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108
AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108
AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108
AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108
AntiBrowserSpy 3.6.108 Build 108
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