HD Tune Pro 5.00

If your computer, be it PC or laptop, did not come with an adequate utility that measures heat, speed, CPU usage and raw performance, then this is a nice little trial of HD Tune Pro. HD Tune Pro can do all this things and a few more. Some online gamers know that when the CPU gets too hot and it's not being properly cooled, it can burn out and then you've got a total rebuild on your hands. The HD Tune Pro has an on screen Fahrenheit display that lets you know if you've got issues to fix before they get out of control. That's just a really nice feature for this download.

You can try this out for yourself for fifteen days only and the nag screen will drive you mad. Chances are you don't actually need this app, but since it is free, you may as well try it anyway. If you already have HD Tune on your computer of choice, this is actually an updated version of the same thing and can replace your current HD Tune program. You'll have to install the HD Tune Pro first and erase your old HD Tune afterwards so your PC doesn't confuse the two. All Windows operating systems support this app and I haven't noticed any complications, so it's solid.


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  • Software Name:
  • HD Tune
  • Software Version:
  • Pro 5.00
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  • Trial
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • EFD Software
  • Latest version:
  • HD Tune Pro 5.00
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HD Tune  Pro 5.00
HD Tune  Pro 5.00
HD Tune  Pro 5.00
HD Tune  Pro 5.00
HD Tune  Pro 5.00
HD Tune  Pro 5.00
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