Simple Text Encryptor 0.13

I'm kind of a laid back person, and honestly, a little lazy at work. I like shortcuts and figuring out how I can email a joke to my office buddies without the boss being able to read it. That's why I like this little app-Simple Text Encryptor. Most bosses are bosses because they can tell people what to do and not because they're tech savvy enough to do tasks themselves.

I'm not really saying you should slack at work or joke about your boss being dumb. I'm saying you should be smart about how you go about things at work, and this app does that. Once you download it, you can use it to type an email, hit the "encrypt" radio button, ship it off to whomever and then "decrypt" it or leave it encrypted so you don't get into trouble.

Otherwise you could use this the right way for important, personal and company information you don't want amateur hackers to get their hands on. Yeah, that's what I use it for. Simple Text Encryptor keeps my company's info from falling into the wrong hands and my credit card info from jumping into a identity thief's pocket. A little extra protection goes a long way.

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  • Simple Text Encryptor
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  • 0.13
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  • Freeware
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  • Windows
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  • Gator Bytes Media
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  • Simple Text Encryptor 0.13
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Simple Text Encryptor 0.13
Simple Text Encryptor 0.13
Simple Text Encryptor 0.13
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