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EiffelStudio, programmer's language tool, needs an IDE to function properly. This particular download, although it's only a 30-day free trial, (bummer) is a decent enough IDE to use. There were originally a lot of bugs in it, from a compiler crash that formed on a particular kind of formal generic constraints to a previous series of compiler crashes of different sorts, they've since sorted them out. That's not to say it won't have new bugs, because as every programmer knows, once you sort out one bug, it jumpstarts another. However, in the meantime, this little IDE download functions just fine.

EiffelStudio has some wonderful pluses. It does a decent job with extra large development projects and has some seriously good debugging and automatic testing. That string of long programming code that seems to go on forever will now be checked for issues before you get to the end of it. What's more, if you need to trash it, the extremely efficient garbage compactor takes care of it without hassles of memory management.(I.e., not enough storage for each project as they come up and are transferred over, no biggy).

Working on most Windows systems from 2K to Win7, there shouldn't be any issues. I have Win7 personally, and haven't noticed a problem yet. I'm also working on a larger project that will take a while to finish, so we'll just wait and see what happens on the end, but right now it's working.

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