Create Synchronicity SVN r1458 /

Create Synchronicity SVN is a lightweight and yet fully portable open source application that was developed using VB.NET to allow you to synchronize as well as backup files and folders. It is aimed at making all the synchronization processes as simple as possible, and yet remains fully customizable by you. Ease of use is built in, as what good would it be to have an application meant to simplify the synch process that is time consuming and frustrating?

Key features that has always been part of Create Synchronicity SVN:

Fully customizable synchronization, including:
· Limited synchronization: synchronize some folders only; synchronize folders contents without synchronizing subfolders.
· Matches extension-patterns (.doc, .txt, .xls, etc.)
· 3 ways of synchronization: Mirror, One-way incremental, Two-ways incremental
· File hashing
· Exceptionally user friendly interface
· Completely supported preview
· Can set up multiple profiles
· Fully portable: settings are stored in config files for universal compatibility
· Command line arguments for the advanced users and terminal lovers in the office
· All Windows file systems are fully supported

However, Softango is not one to rest on past success. The newest version of Create Synchronicity SVN includes these improvements:

· SYN: Create Synchronicity SVN 5.2 features a marked improvement in effectiveness in the threading engine (~+12% in scanning performance), that also includes 7 new settings, 4 translations; fixes the bugs that plagued previous versions, and a host of updates.
· Improved parsing settings
· Cancelling catch up, or shutting down during a catch up does not show the profile as caught up.
· Better exception handling.
· Reworked the threading system.
· Improved reporting of errors
· Hungarian translation, developed and provided by Lajos Toldy
· Private Key binary signing.
· Text only log option
· Settings handling engine has been rewritten, making for stronger type checking.
· Checks for partially locked files before copying.
· Copy integrity is validated with md5 checksums.
· Automatic BZip2 compression.
· Chinese (simplified) translation developed and provided by ycysuk.
· GZi is done automatically


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  • Create Synchronicity SVN
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  • r1458 /
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  • GPL
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  • Windows
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  • Create Synchronicity SVN r1458 /
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Create Synchronicity SVN r1458 /
Create Synchronicity SVN r1458 /
Create Synchronicity SVN r1458 /
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