The YUMI program isn’t about food. It’s actually an acronym for Your Universal Multiboot Installer. This program will create a multiboot multisystem on your USB flash drive.
This is actually the successor to the Multiboot ISO. When it’s downloaded, it allows you to make a Flash drive that contains multiple operating systems along with antivirus utilities, diagnostic tools, disc cloning and other features.
What’s different with this program than the MultiBoot ISO is that it doesn’t use grub to boot the ISO files from the USB. Instead, YUMI uses syslinux, which will boot extracted distributions which are stored on the USB drive. If necessary, it will revert to grub in order to boot the ISO files.
Whenever you want to host your preferred Linux distribution, you can now do so right from your Windows machine and a USB flash drive. The program works effectively with all versions of Windows.
YUMI allows you to download the program very quickly onto your computer. Once you install the program and open it up for the first time, it will walk you through the entire process and tell you when to put the jump drive into the computer for all the files to be downloaded to. Upon successful completion, your USB flash drive with be a ready-to-run bootable drive for your Linux distribution.
Some of the top benefits of YUMI include:
- Create a multiboot system
- Determine what utilities and tools you want on drive
- Access Linux distribution
- No need to use grub
The size of the download is small enough that it won’t take up a lot of drive space. Depending on your connection, it downloads fast so you can get right to creating the bootable drive.
YUMI is freeware, so there’s no cost to you. There haven’t been any additional versions of the program but we also haven’t seen any glitches with the program to begin with. Should anyone find glitches, they developer should be made aware to see if a new version will be released to correct them.
We have found YUMI to be a very effective program. It’s easy to use and it’s extremely helpful, which is all we could ask for.
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