File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 195

File Encryption XP is advanced encryption software with the ability to encrypt files of various types – from Microsoft Word and Excel to PowerPoint documents. It also protects personal information from being viewed or modified by a different party with the owner’s authorization.

The encryption software is extremely secure. File Encryption XP uses reliable Blowfish-algorithm for data encryption. Users can feel ultra-secure as encryption passwords are never saved within the encrypted files.

File Encryption XP is user-friendly and has an easy-to-navigate digital environment. The software has a convenient interface, allowing users with minimal knowledge on information protection to keep their data safe. It also comes with intuitive features, such as a tool that allows the user to create self-extracting encrypted files.

Encrypted files are all self-contained. This means that as long as you have the proper password for the encrypted file, you will not need to install further encryption software to open the file.

File Encryption XP can be used to delete files permanently. The software automatically adds specific items into the popup menu of Windows Explorer to simplify the encryption process, as well as decryption, and deleting tasks.

The software is a folder and file encryption program that engages in Blowfish-algorithm in its scope.

File Encryption XP provides encryption technology using a powerful Blowfish-algorithm which uses a 384-bit key. Another great built-in feature is the ability to decrypt protected files without File Encryption XP. Users can create self-extracting encrypted files just by sending it via mail or floppy disk. The recipient must know the password to be able to execute the file and see the original document.

In most situations, the insecure folder or file would want to be deleted once it has been encrypted. However, standard Windows will typically allow the user to restore the file in nearly 100 percent of cases.

File Encryption uses a reliable deletion process that will completely remove the unsecure file upon request. This is highly useful for users who would like to delete the unsecure source folder or file once the encrypted file is created.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Support for large file types (4GB+)
  • Works on removable media
  • Logs all operations
  • Completely customizable
  • Password generator
  • Settings are automatically saved
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  • XP 1.5 Build 195
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  • File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 195
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File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 195
File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 195
File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 195
File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 195
File Encryption XP 1.5 Build 195
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