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The Process Lasso Server program is an automated management and optimization utility that will run on all versions of Windows.
Once downloaded, the Process Lasso Server will manage programs on your computer. This will increase the responsiveness of the system and help to prevent your system from stalling. It uses a technology known as ProBalance. This algorithm will adjust the priorities of all programs running to give some higher priority access to the CPU.
If you’ve ever done a process (or multiple) that stalls your system you may need a better way to interact with your computer – and Process Lasso Server has worked effectively.
Using the ProBalance technology inside of Process Lasso Server, you’re able to adjust how your programs run. There are helpful components that include CPU affinity defaults, disallowing some processes, default priority classes, processes to keep some programs running, power schemes, watchdogs and instance count limits.
Your computer’s resources are limited but the Process Lasso Server program helps you control how the programs access these resources. The benefit, too, is that the system hardly uses any resources itself. It’s written in a native x32 and x64 C++ language. It uses under 3 MB of RAM.
Some top features of the Process Lasso Server include:
- ProBalance technology
- Process watchdog
- Makes no registry value changes
- Ability to set defaults on affinities and priorities
- Reduces cost of ownership on server
- No scripting required
- I/O priorities
- Enforce maximum instances of certain applications
The Process Lasso Server program has been designed for multiple user environments. It also allows you to terminate multiple processes at the same time. This allows you to work with the processes to remove them or to change the priority class simultaneously.
There are some limitations to the Process Lasso Server, which is that it’s only a 30-day trial. If you want to upgrade after trying it out, then it’s available. Otherwise you will get the nag screen until you do upgrade or you remove the program.
The software designers have done some fixes for malfunction, too. Overall, the Process Lasso Server program is functional because of its technology and how it allows the CPU to function at a high level.
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Process Lasso Server Beta /
Process Lasso Server Beta /
Process Lasso Server Beta /
Process Lasso Server Beta /
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