Cover Me 2.3

For anyone creating, printing, or simply using cover art for any project that they can fathom, Cover Me 2.3 is a fantastic resource. This program takes away the need for creating covers from scratch and is a great resource for those users that simply want a wide selection of cover art that can fit just about any project. This program is a design tool that makes it possible for users to design, print, edit, scan, and search for covers from any where.

Users can create and edit CD covers, DVD covers, Book covers, mini disc covers and more. This program is designed to make it possible for users to define their own covers and personalize any project they may be working with rather than working with covers that may be lack luster or not varied enough. The program allows users to import data from playlists, MP3 data, cd-titles, amazon product search and more. After searching and finding the appropriate cover, Cover Me 2.3 allows users to integrate their own text on the cover to personalize and make it their own.

The picture editing function allows users to edit and clarify pictures that they have already downloaded. Rather than being stuck with a blurry, poor quality picture that is too small for the project you are working on, Cover Me allows users to edit, sharpen, add filters, and more to make each photo the quality and specifications that you want. The program also has a function that allows users to format the pictures to the size of a jewel case so there is not guessing when it comes to proper sizing.

This program also allows users to quick load their covers so that they can print and size them accordingly. This program is great for anyone that has cds that either do not have their original covers, have burned discs that are missing cover art, have DVDs that are missing cover art and more. The cover art is half the fun of CDs and DVDs and now with Cover Me 2.3 users never have to go without their cover art ever again.

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Cover Me 2.3
Cover Me 2.3
Cover Me 2.3
Cover Me 2.3
Cover Me 2.3
Cover Me 2.3
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Cover Me 2.3