MyWinLocker allows users to protect their personal information with advanced encryption protocols. Identity theft is becoming more common every year and this is in part due to information that is gained by hackers from unsecured systems. MyWinLocker offers users the same security standards that many government applications use. The AES security standard is extremely secure.

MyWinLocker allows files to be encrypted at any time and supports the Yo-Safe feature. The Yo-Safe is a hidden drive on the computer that can store personal information. Users can set a master password so that they can access all of their information and much of the program uses operations that are as simple as dragging and dropping files. There is also a MyWinLocker sidebar that allows the administration and customization of the MyWinLocker program and content.

A secure online backup system ensures that users never forget their password. This is an extremely important feature that many other systems do not offer. If a user loses their password with many other encryption systems, they will never be able to open their files again. This is an extreme vulnerability. However, the secure online backup system that MyWinLocker offers mitigates this risk. Users can call customer service if they forget their password.

The program is extremely easy to install and use and will work on most systems, even older systems. The program itself is extremely clean and minimalist. Beginner users will find that the system is fairly straightforward, which also makes it an excellent choice to install on the computers of those who are unfamiliar with technology. Those unfamiliar with technology are often those with the greatest risks for identity theft.

One complaint that many users have about the software is that there are advertisements embedded in it that can be distracting. The product can be purchased to remove these ads. Users also found that the software left behind some files after being uninstalled, so users that uninstall the software may want to double check to see if there is anything left behind they need to delete.

A 60-day trial of the software is available so that users can evaluate whether it is the best solution for them.

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