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Do you constantly work on web pages? Images play a significant role when it comes to web page design. The images are what that grabs the attention of the user. No matter whether you are running a business portal or leisure website, the images can maximize or bring down your revenue. If you have too many images and frames in a website, then your web page may take longer time to load for those visitors who have slow internet connection. However, a webpage without an image may look odd and unattractive. 
It is important to limit the number of images and frames in a web page to a certain extent. With ImageCounter 2.100911.5 in place, you no longer have to count the images on your web page manually.  The ImageCounter 2.100911.5, an extension of Google Chrome Browser,  automatically counts the total number of images in a webpage and displays the same in the status bar of your browser. In technical terms, the ImageCounter 2.100911.5 simply sum "document.images.length" for all the web pages in the current tab will be displayed in the status bar of your browser. Learning the number of images in a web page will help you decide whether or not to add/remove images. 

What is New in the Current Release of Image Counter?

The current release of Image Counter has been enhanced to work in Mozilla Firefox 4 browser. 
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  • 2.100911.5
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  • GPL
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  • Tito
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