phpEditorIDE 5.6.1 Build 01

phpEditorIDE 5.6.1 Build 01 - A Powerful Web Page Editor for Multiple Programming Languages

If you are looking to create stupendous websites in a quick time, then phpEditorIDE is something that you should have in your system. This incredible application allows you to write coding in various languages PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JScript and VBScript. Learning about the key features of phpEditorIDE will help you get a better picture of the application.

Key Features of phpEditor

The following are some of the key features of phpEditorIDE application.
Syntax Assistance - No matter whether you write coding in PHP, HTML,XML, CSS, JScript or VBScript, the phpEditor provides you with syntax assistance. If you use phpEditor, you can simply be sure that your coding is free of syntax errors.
Customizable Toolbars - The phpEditor allows you to customize all the tool bars and menus in the application according to your requirements. The good news is that the PhpEditor is 100% customizable application.
Time Saver - Be it HTML tags or PHP functions, you can insert it automatically without having to spend time writing the entire code manually. The phpEditor Code Insight feature hints you with the full code as and when you write coding.
Context Help - The phpEditor contains a context help for HTML tags, CSS properties and PHP functions. You can also preview the file type right in the program window.
Customizable Templates - The phpEditor offers a wide variety of templates that can be used to create a webpage. However, you can also customize the look and feel of the templates to fit your requirements. 
Other Features - Other features of phpEditor include, customizable previews for CSS and JavaScript, inclusion of directories to favorites, make an own keyboard layout. Also, the phpEditor can also be translated in various languages such as English, German, Czech. 
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Ondrej Pokorny
phpEditorIDE 5.6.1 Build 01
phpEditorIDE 5.6.1 Build 01
phpEditorIDE 5.6.1 Build 01
phpEditorIDE 5.6.1 Build 01
phpEditorIDE 5.6.1 Build 01
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