DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998


The cloning utility known as DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998 allows you to clone all of your DVDs in full within a few short hours while retaining the exact same quality as the original copy. This program is actually a high-quality utility for the purposes of archiving. It has an inbuilt decryption that lets you copy most DVD films with relative ease. This program even allows people with a working knowledge of the program to customize all of their project files. It allows you to have complete control over anything that you are doing involving the burning of discs. Alternatively, you can even target the DVD to be recorded to your hard disk as a convenient image file.


Another thing that must be mentioned about DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998 is the fact that there are a lot of new functions that have been implemented recently. Most importantly, there is a new engine for burning purposes that can make a perfect DVD copy with no problems whatsoever. This even supports backing up of HD files in Blu-ray films by using a third-party utility in conjunction with this one. It should be noted that there also some system requirements that need to be mentioned. First of all you must have a Pentium II computer with 450 MHz or better processing speed. Your computer should have 5 GB of free hard drive storage for DVD-5 files and 10 GB of free storage space for DVD-9 files. For Blu-ray discs, you'll need a Blu-ray disk drive. For HD DVD discs you must have an HD DVD drive. At the very least you'll need a DVD burner to enjoy this program. You should have 50 GB or better of hard disk space for the copying of Blu-ray films, and 30 GB or better for copying HD DVD films.


It must also be stated that DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998 is a free trial program. This means that there are limitations. The most important limitation is that this unregistered program will only allow you to copy one DVD, and it does come with a nag screen. If you would like full functionality, you'll need to purchase the final version of the program and register online.

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DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998
DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998
DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998
DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998
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DVD Cloner 7.60 Build 998