DVD-TO-AVI 3.0.806


DVD-to-AVI 3.0.806 is a simple but efficient software utility, which is used to backup DVDs to the popular AVI video file format. The backup is stored on a computer hard drive. It can be played back by a number of multimedia software players since the AVI video file format is widely supported by many operating systems.

It's quite possible to copy the entire contents of a DVD title to a computer hard drive, but the resulting files would occupy a large amount of disk space and be unwieldy for playback. There are software applications designed to play the raw contents of a DVD, but it's far simpler and more practical to convert the contents of the DVD into a popular video format that will occupy less space. The AVI video codec has been around a number of years. It’s been widely adopted by computer users, ensuring it will play on the majority of personal computers.

DVD-to-AVI 3.0.806 is an ideal tool for backing up the contents of a DVD to the AVI format. It not only copies the contents of the DVD but it converts those contents into an AVI (MP4) in as little as two hours, depending on the speed of the computer used, and the conversion settings specified.

The simple interface of DVD-to-AVI 3.0.806 allows you to quickly convert a DVD. Insert the disk into the CD/DVD ROM tray and select the destination where the converted file will be saved. Press Start, and set the conversion configuration to the desired type and output quality. Even if you're a beginner it's a simple, headache-free process.

It's possible to set the output quality settings for a fast conversion that will finish in minutes, but the picture will likely be poor and degraded. It's more desirable to set the encoder to a higher quality, and let DVD-to-AVI 3.0.806 do its thing. It'll take longer but you'll have a far better video after it's finished.

It won't take long to get the hang of DVD-to-AVI 3.0.806 and you'll soon be archiving all of your DVDs. There are advanced options to only copy certain chapters, or a particular audio track but you can also simply use the default options for a simple backup experience.

Use this DVD converter with confidence. It uses the latest version of DVD Decrypter for the quick decrypting of movies. Multi-language support is provided in this release.

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DVD-TO-AVI 3.0.806
DVD-TO-AVI 3.0.806
DVD-TO-AVI 3.0.806
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DVD-TO-AVI 3.0.806