Copy-Discovery 2000 2.50

Copy-Discovery 2000 2.50 is a software program that works as a copy protector. With the program, you can scan all of your discs, folders, and files so they are fully protected. As well as supporting all of the typical copy protections that you would expect, it also supports many of the more uncommon types of copy protection. The interface is clean and easy to use and is available in 8 foreign languages, including Danish, Czech, English, German, Polish, Spanish, French and Italian.

There are three distinct categories in Copy-Discovery 2000 2.50. The first one is the CD/DVD Scan, which can be used to discover disc copy protection. The second category is the Directory Scan, which scans your software directories. The File Scan is the third type, which analyses the contents of individual files.

The Special Scans found in Copy-Discovery 2000 2.50 helps find protection in various ways. For instance, using TOC-Scan gives you details regarding the table of contents of a particular CD/DVD. If there are sectors that are damaged, the Sector Scan locates them and will tell you where they are. With System Control, you can see what the protection level is of a particular application or game. The most useful Special Scans are the File-Scan and the Directory-Scan.

Copy-Discovery 2000 2.50 is a powerful program that supports more than 60 copy protections, crypters and packers. The program is extensible using plugins.

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Copy-Discovery 2000 2.50
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Copy-Discovery 2000 2.50