ZipZag 1.80


The program ZipZag is a fantastic new tool that actually handles the management of zip files, 7zip, ACE, DEB, GZ, JAR files and more. It can even manage RAR files with relative ease. The many features included in this wonderful program revolve around the ability to add, convert, batch add, extract, merge, run, install, view and much more. It even allows you to remove any known passwords, has a print file list feature, letting you export to TXT, HTML and other popular formats. You can even drag and drop many of your file types from this program into other programs in order to view or manage them in a way that suits your unique needs every step of the way. You can even view these files within Windows Explorer before extracting them to a new folder of your choice.


ZipZag actually performs every single one of the file operations that you are used to seeing Windows Explorer handle, although in this program you can actually delete files in a way that makes them absolutely impossible to recover later on. Also, it is worth noting that several different kinds of dialogue boxes are actually resizable if that is a feature that you need. One final thing to note about ZipZag is that it is a 30-day free trial, which means that there is a nag screen present until you end up purchasing the final version of the program with a retail license. Still, the fact that there is a nag screen does not hinder the way that this program functions, and you will see that as soon as you begin using it.


The last thing that's worth mentioning is that this program runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows, making it slick and much faster than competing programs that require other operating systems for the best experience. This also means that you should have no problems enjoying every feature of ZipZag as long as your computer was made within the last decade or so. Make sure that you check out this program today before trying anything else out that you might've found previously.

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  • Software Name:
  • ZipZag
  • Software Version:
  • 1.80
  • Released:
  • License:
  • Trial
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • Xtreme Soft srl
  • Latest version:
  • ZipZag 1.80
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Xtreme Soft srl
ZipZag  1.80
ZipZag  1.80
ZipZag  1.80
ZipZag  1.80
ZipZag  1.80
ZipZag  1.80
ZipZag  1.80
ZipZag  1.80
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