EMDB nLite Addon 1.16


The EMDB nLite Addon review is a freeware program that can be run on all versions of Windows. The small application helps you keep track of your entire DVD collection to ensure you know what you have and what you can play without having to scroll through the entire collection manually.
The EMDB nLite Addon allows you to boot your own version of windows instead of waiting for your entire OS to load.
In general, add-ons are 3rd party applications that have been developed by other producers other than nLite. EMDB nLite Addon was created as a specially customized benefit to be installed in addition to nLite to crease a pre-install image of Windows. This eases a user’s work with reinstalling Windows on the computer.
EMDB nLite Addon will keep track of all of your DVDs. The impressive factor on this program is that it will automatically import a lot of the data from the IMDB database to give you details about a particular movie. This includes cover image, stars, producer, production year and much more.
The easy to use interface of EMDB nLite Addon makes it easy to use the multi-language features. The features inside of the program include:
- Thumbnail cover preview
- Loan tracker
- Search function
The EMDB nLite Addon application is written using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in C++. Unlike some other programs out there, this one doesn’t require.NET framework or any other library systems to operate.
The EMDB nLite Addon is a GUI that will allow you to delete or otherwise remove some Windows components at choice without removing the DVD collection. You can also find a number of other add-ons to nLite to make your life easier.
This is a great DVD collection organizer because you can keep track of who you lend your DVDs out to, search based on all the information that is inside of IMDB and search the thumbnails for a particular DVD cover.
Everyone needs to have an application that will organize their DVDs efficiently. This program is freeware, so it doesn’t have any nag screens. We like EMDB nLite Addon because it’s effective without any bugs in the current version.
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EMDB nLite Addon 1.16
EMDB nLite Addon 1.16
EMDB nLite Addon 1.16
EMDB nLite Addon 1.16
EMDB nLite Addon 1.16
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