WLM Tray Patch 2.0


For anyone who has ever been frustrated with Windows Live Messenger 2011, the WLM Tray Patch will be a great download. It is a freeware patch that solves the major problem with WLM. This small tool is designed to work with all versions of Windows.


The WLM Tray Patch, a very small download, will patch the Windows Live Messenger 2011 forcing it to minimize. Now that it will minimize in the system tray instead of staying at the task bar, it’s able to run the way you want it to.


We have been waiting for a patch to come out for this for a while. It is designed specifically for Windows 7 to go into the system tray. Otherwise it will stay in the task bar, living it does with Windows Vista. If you don’t mind this, then you don’t need to download the patch. If it’s been a constant source of frustration with you like it has been for us, however, then WLM Tray Patch is exactly what you need.


The main benefit of the WLM Tray Patch is that you don’t need to run Windows Live Messenger in compatibility mode anymore. This will significantly improve the stability of the program as well as any security problems you may have had with your computer because of having to run in compatibility mode.


The WLM Tray is compiled using the Microsoft.net framework 2.0, which means this also needs to be installed on your computer. It is written in C#.


When you download the WLM Tray Patch, it only takes a few minutes. As soon as you reboot your computer and then re-open Windows Live Messenger, you will be able to minimize the program and pick it out of your system tray instead of the task bar.


If you are constantly multi-tasking on your computer and you have a number of programs open at once, this patch will make all the difference in the world to you.


The simplicity of the WLM Tray Patch is what makes it so effective. It’s a simple little tool that has made a significant difference in WLM.


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  • WLM Tray Patch
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  • 2.0
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  • Freeware
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  • Windows
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  • 300Bytes
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  • WLM Tray Patch 2.0
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WLM Tray Patch 2.0
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