Able Duplicate Finder 2.1

You think your computer is fairly clean, efficient and there a few if any duplicate files.

Well wait until you run Able Duplicate Finder.

In reality you will LOVE the first time you run Able Duplicate Finder on your computer, because it will give you that “what?” kind of feeling in a positive way.

Your computer probably has hundreds, if not thousands of duplicate files, many probably from the photos downloaded from graphic programs.

Able Duplicate Finder searches and locates a range of files from text files, PDFs, file extensions and multimedia files, all the while protecting files that are essential for your computer’s operation.

You probably know how much slower and less efficient your computer will run with sluggish, unnecessary files clogging your drives. Able Duplicate Finder is an amazing program that will perform a thorough scan to help show you duplicate files. You then can decide what to do with them!

You may even be able to save on your back-up service by using Able Duplicate Finder, but even if you don’t, you will find your files much better organized, and your hard drive space used much more efficiently.

Your processor will need to be at 166MHz or higher, and need to have a minimum 16MB ram, but you will find this program an amazing, and enlightening way to find the duplicate files eating up your hard-drive space.

Consider Able Duplicate Finder in your toolbox of keeping your computer clean and efficient!

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  • Software Name:
  • Able Duplicate Finder
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  • 2.1
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  • Windows
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  • HAN
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  • Able Duplicate Finder 2.1
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Able Duplicate Finder 2.1
Able Duplicate Finder 2.1
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