Actual Title Buttons 7.3

Sticky notes can be tricky. Sometimes you want them in your sightline, sometimes they just get in the way- it can be difficult to manage. Making a whole word document as a reminder is more likely to be forgotten than convenient. At the same time, an actual sticky note not only leaves residue on your screen, but means that you can't use the full screen for games, work assignments, and social networking.

Now, there's a solution that is easy for everyone. The Actual Title Buttons feature gives you the best of both worlds. You can keep it solid, make it transparent, hide for a second or for forever. This essential, popular tool for desktop windows allows you total control and manipulation. You can minimize them, set up priorities to get rid of, use the always- on- top option, align, resize, roll up and more.

You can always make up and apply your own window settings, too, to make sure that the Actual Title Buttons tool catch your eye, individually. Use the color, the shade, and the features/ font you need to make sure you get your tasks done.

The installation process for Actual Title Buttons is extremely quick and easy. ATB puts its own button on the title bar of each window with a list of predefined functions to get you started. Using the mouse helps you feel the tacitile benefits of Actual Tile Buttons conveniently. You can also use hotkeys if you feel the need to type.

Cool features like the rollup and unroll option, minimize the tray for the whole task set, Stay on top option so you can't hide your tasks and send to bottom feature for repeat tasks are just a few of the things that make Actual Title Buttons such a useful, awesome tool.

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