Actual Window Guard 7.3

Actual Window Guard is helpful tool that actually guards your main start-up window screen. It protects the size and location of your application windows on your PC, maintaining them in the preferred order that you select. No more time spent re-positioning or re-sizing them to your preferences as it is done automatically.

But this positioning and sizing aren’t the only aspects of Actual Window Guard.

This tool can allow for you to close those nagging irrelevant pop-ups, keep your preferred windows on top and stop them from closing accidentally. The program also lets you change options that you can’t change under standard controls. You can remove windows from the taskbar and change individual settings.

Actual Window Guard is an easy to use program that works well to facilitate your working with other applications. Its interface is intuitive and friendly, so the learning curve is quick and easy.

Actual Window Guard won’t take you much time at all to create and manage a set of rules that will allow for the optimization of each detail of your windows related workspace.

Actual Window Guard allows you to minimize and maximize windows on startup, align windows with any of the 9 desktop positions, close pop-ups, and stop accidental closure of important windows.

You’ll need at minimum P-III 600+ CPU with 128+ Mb RAM, and 10+ Mb of free space on your HDD. Actual Window Guard comes with a 60 day free trial.

Actual Window Guard is a helpful tool that will always keep your desktop windows is just the right order that you prefer. It is easy to install and implement. It is a great way to eliminate the problem of the auto resizing and relocation of your windows start-up icons.

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Actual Window Guard 7.3
Actual Window Guard 7.3
Actual Window Guard 7.3
Actual Window Guard 7.3
Actual Window Guard 7.3
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Actual Window Guard