Adobe Reader XI 11

Adobe Reader has become a recognized industry standard method of viewing digital documents. Adobe Reader XI is the newest in a long line of Reader releases. Adobe Reader has been released and re-released under versions that have successively offered more and more functionality. Adobe Reader XI is faster and boasts a more intuitive user-interface. All of the previously released functionality is still incumbent, but more features have been added. Here, a number of these new key features are described

With this new version of Abode Reader XI, users can share documents and digitally sign them with EchoSign. The share tool allows you to share documents with other users for collaboration as well as eamil them directly from Adobe Reader XI through the SendNow button. The search, view and print functions now support PDF portfolios and maps such that viewing and printing multiple documents at once has become easier. The commenting function if Adobe Reader XI has also been improved. Now, you can add comments that can be shared between collaborators and highlight elements in a document to remind yourself or other document producers on your team about specific protocols expected for the highlighted section. There is also a new screen sharing function to assist in the collaborative process that allows you to view, author, and store documents remotely. If that's not enough, Adobe has enhanced security features in Adobe Reader XI. Now, there is a protected mode which stores images, application coding, and 3D objects in clandestine locations.

Adobe Reader XI is free for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 7. Having become established as a recognized industry standard protocol for digital document management, Abobe Reader XI is a welcomed release to users everywhere. As with previous iterations, it is better. What makes it so much better that Adobe Reader X is the speed at which it executes tasks and the increased functionality by comparision. Because Adobe Reader traditionally uses multiple plug-ins to accomplish a full range of tasks, by the time Adobe Reader X was release, it may have seemed bulky and sluggish - not so with Adobe Reader XI. The kinks have been sufficiently worked out, and Adobe has streamlined the software. Enjoy!

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Adobe Reader XI 11
Adobe Reader XI 11
Adobe Reader XI 11
Adobe Reader XI 11
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