BCArchive 2.06

When you are looking for a software tool to encrypt and compress data so that you are able to send it to others, BCArchive is the one that you will want to use.

You will be able to take advantage of the clean interface on the program. As soon as you install, you will be able to use the interface that makes it simple to use all of the program features. There is a menu bar, a folder structure, as well as a pane that shows all of the details.

There is a help file provided with BCArchive as well. It is comprehensive, allowing you to figure out how to use the program, even when you may not have a lot of experience with computers.

BCArchive offers support for many algorithms. You can choose the encryption you desire: password-based or public key. You can use various key algorithms such as Blowfish, IDEA, and CAST5 or a public key generator based upon your individual needs.

There are all sorts of settings that you can play around with. Once you have configured all of the settings, you can upload all files you want to protect with the file browser. The main window will show all the files along with the attributes associated with them. You can then rename or delete as needed. A search feature is also included so that you can look up a file within the current folder or root folder.

The encryption then takes place so you can protect all of the information you need from prying eyes. It’s the ultimate way to protect documents and other files.

Top features for BCArchive include:

- Clean interface

- Password based encryption

- Public key encryption

- File browser features

- Display of all details

- Search function

What’s great about BCArchive is that it is efficient and makes it easy to protect sensitive information. It does not affect the overall performance of the computer and the friendly interface is a joy to use. It’s freeware, too, so you don’t have to spend money or worry about nag screens. It’s worth the download to explore the features.

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  • Software Name:
  • BCArchive
  • Software Version:
  • 2.06
  • Released:
  • License:
  • Freeware
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows All
  • Developer:
  • Jetico, Inc.
  • Latest version:
  • BCArchive 2.06
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Windows 2K, XP, Vista, Vista x64, 2003 Server, 7, 7 x64, 2008 Server, 8, 8 x64
Jetico, Inc.
BCArchive 2.06
BCArchive 2.06
BCArchive 2.06
BCArchive 2.06
BCArchive 2.06
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