Better File Rename

You want to name your files in a way that is easy to organize, easy to understand, and can quickly be recognized by other users, particularly in business and social contexts. In the past, renaming a number of files at the same time could be incredibly tedious- you had to click on each one individually and then type in the name in a repetitive format. Not only is this boring, but it can exponentially increase the chances of you making a careless error- when you do something several times in a row, you tend to go on auto-pilot rather than paying attention.

With Better File Rename, you won't have to worry about huge wastes of time or careless errors. Better File Rename is a tool designed specifically for users who want to rename several files at the same time and creating a long list of actions to be performed with the files once they are selected. With a few clicks, this simple and user-friendly tool gives yout endless opportunities, without overloading you with prompts and clumsy, cluttered interfaces.

First, pick the files you want to rename and give actions to be performed to go along with those files. With Better File Rename, you can change jus the file name, the entire file name, or just the file extension with or without the seperator. That means you not only can rename files to be easily recognized- you can also change the formats of said files to work with whatever appplication or setting you desire, quickly and easily, all in one click.

Better File Rename also allows you to work on several operating platforms, so you can retool Windows-only, Linux-only, or Mac-only files to work on any computer. All this can be done quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to doing real work.

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Better File Rename
Better File Rename
Better File Rename
Better File Rename
Better File Rename
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Better File Rename