Calf Folder Encryption 2.0

Encryption plays an important role in keeping private files, folders, documents and other types of data safe and secure. The ability to encrypt these files is an important asset to have when dealing with otherwise unsecure computing environments including shared computers, public terminals and office computers. Calf Folder Encryption is a versatile program that allows computer users to enhance their privacy and security by giving their data the highest levels of security possible.

Calf Folder Encryption allows Windows users to lock, hide and even encrypt their most important data. This data includes all types of files regardless of size. This software has the ability to utilize 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption to quickly and securely encrypted data. Users can easily have this data unlocked just as easily as they had encrypted.

The encryption software is not only extraordinarily easy to use, but it is also relatively light on computer resources. The user interface is presented in a straightforward manner with a clear and concise list of folders and files that can be encrypted or decrypted. Users can easily configure Calf Folder Encryption in a wide variety of ways and also have the program updated with the press of a button.

Calf Folder Encryption gives computer users a tremendous advantage when it comes to quickly and reliably encrypting their most valuable data. The program is available to Windows users in the form of a limited trial version. This version expires in 15 days or 30 runs, whichever comes first.

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  • Calf Folder Encryption
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  • 2.0
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  • Windows
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  • Calf Software
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  • Calf Folder Encryption 2.0
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Calf Folder Encryption 2.0
Calf Folder Encryption 2.0
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