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  • Beta BetaSocial chatting is as popular as ever with the program Skype, Google Talk and Pingpong have had th...
  • Message Viewer Lite
    Message Viewer Lite Viewer Lite is a versatile, user-friendly program that makes it easy for a person to view and print...
  • LNMail 0.7.30
    LNMail 0.7.30
  • FBDesktop 1.4
    FBDesktop 1.4As the name implies, FBDesktop is a software program that makes it possible for you easily access Facebook ...
  • Facebook Pro
    Facebook Pro free Facebook Pro application is basically a Web browser that was specifically designed for using Faceb...
  • NetSee VPN 13.0427
    NetSee VPN 13.0427
  • GMail Drive Shell Extension 1.0.19
    GMail Drive Shell Extension 1.0.19
  • ejabberd 2.1.11
    ejabberd 2.1.11Ejabberd is an extremely helpful messaging server that is written in Erlang. This server is capable of easi...
  • Brosix 3.5 Build 130423
    Brosix 3.5 Build 130423Brosix is a comprehensive instant messaging client that promotes security of communication. It is a fully f...
  • ICQ 8.1 Build 6327
    ICQ 8.1 Build 6327ICQ is one of the first instant messengers that entered popular usage online and it's still an extremely po...
  • Howard 1.09
    Howard 1.09Howard 1.09 is a Windows application that lets you know when you receive a new email from your hotmail, liv...
  • Mail Magic Professional 6.01
    Mail Magic Professional 6.01Mail Magic Professional allows the fast and easy management of newsletter campaigns between businesses and ...
  • InboxTool
    InboxTool is a program that was rated and given 3 out of 5 stars. You can use this program to manage and ev...
  • Simkl 3.1
    Simkl 3.1Having the proper recording of all of your phone calls online and even the instant messages you have can be...
  • Save Message 2.52
    Save Message 2.52Using Outlook as your mail program can be a blessing, but it may be difficult for you to get the proper inf...
  • ICQ 8.0 Build 5880
    ICQ 8.0 Build 5880ICQ is one of the oldest and most well-known instant messaging services. This light version is quick and ea...
  • Auto Receive Fax to E-mail 4.0
    Auto Receive Fax to E-mail 4.0The Auto Receive Fax to E-mail program software package is an easy to use and practical application that al...
  • TaskCracker for Outlook
    TaskCracker for Outlook when you go into work each day you already know what you have to do because all the information is la...
  • HabloApp
    HabloApp gets you connected wherever you are, with whatever device you're using. Don't just "k...
  • Total Outlook Converter 2.1.114
    Total Outlook Converter 2.1.114Total Outlook Converter is a wonderful tool that is designed for converting outlook emails to PDF, DOC, HTM...
  • Trillian Astra 5.2 Build 13 / 5.3 Build 9 Beta
    Trillian Astra 5.2 Build 13 / 5.3 Build 9 BetaInstant Messaging (IM-ing) is a critical way of getting your information out to friends, colleagues, and ot...
  • Email Address Finder 6.54
    Email Address Finder 6.54Are you a small business relying upon email marketing to get your message to the general public? If so, Ema...
  • LNMail 0.7
    LNMail 0.7Sharing is supposed to be a good thing right? But when you’re sharing a network it doesn’t alwa...
  • ChatNow
    ChatNow to chat with people all the time can be a good thing. However, you may not be able to do this with ...
  • Fast Email Sender 5.0.2
    Fast Email Sender 5.0.2Sending out emails is often the best way to stay in contact with your clients. This is when you should know...
  • MailList King 11.21
    MailList King 11.21Sending out bulk mailings to your customers is the best way to grow your business on the Internet. However,...
  • Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer 5.0 Build 416
    Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer 5.0 Build 416Having the protection you need for your computer can be a good thing. However, you should make sure you kno...
  • Miranda IM 0.10.2
    Miranda IM 0.10.2Miranda IM is a protocol-rich, Windows-specific instant messaging utility. Featuring a light-resources syst...
  • Becky! Internet Mail 2.62
    Becky! Internet Mail 2.62Becky! Internet Mail is a multi featured email client that is created for Windows as well as the internet. ...
  • Email Extractor Booster 0.0.1 Beta
    Email Extractor Booster 0.0.1 BetaGetting large documents from your employees is a way for them to show you their productivity. However, you ...