ChronoWall 1.52

ChronoWall is a wallpaper manager that offers new creativity and management tools to keep your desktop wallpapers fresh and up-to-date.

You can actually choose a series of wallpapers, and schedule them to rotate or change, at your unique settings. You can have a sunrise or coffee cup wallpaper greet you in the morning, and have a sunset or solar system graphic programmed for evenings.

You can even choose graphics for particular seasons and holidays and have them programmed in ahead of time.

ChronoWall also give you a variety of choices in viewing your photos on from your desktop.

ChronoWall also has fun effects that will actually change an image as time progresses. You can literally change color of a mountainside as the day passes. You can also colorize any image using the entire color spectrum as well. You’ll always have a fresh and changing image on your desktop.

ChronoWall also gives you the option to put photo collages on top of backgrounds.

ChronoWall doesn’t stop there. You can also use images from Facebook, Flickr, media RSS feeds and other sources. The search feature allows you request a specific online image to use as your background.

The software offers virtually endless possibilities!

When using ChronoWall make sure your screen resolution is a minmum 1024x768, and that you have at least 5gb for the resample cache. If you are going to use online sources for graphics you’ll want to have more.

Get creative, and enjoy your own photos and graphics even more with this versatile software.

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  • Software Name:
  • ChronoWall
  • Software Version:
  • 1.52
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  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • Joshua Pilkington
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  • ChronoWall 1.52
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Joshua Pilkington
ChronoWall 1.52
ChronoWall 1.52
ChronoWall 1.52
ChronoWall 1.52
ChronoWall 1.52
ChronoWall 1.52
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