The following applies to all content published by Softango via electronic means, such as Internet websites, email messages and so on, hereinafter referred to as CONTENT.

Most of the CONTENT is original, created by Softango staff and is protected by copyright laws. Any reproduction of these works, without Softango's written consent, is strictly prohibited and will be punished according to the laws in effect.

A detailed description of the CONTENT types is provided below for reference:

  • WEBSITE DESIGN ELEMENTS: These include any design element including, but not limited to, color schemes, images, buttons, page layouts.
  • NEWS ARTICLES: Articles covering a broad range of subject. All texts are copyrighted by Softango, unless specified otherwise, and cannot be reproduced without prior written consent.
  • SOFTWARE REVIEWS: In-depth reviews of software products. Both written text and images (screenshots) are copyrighted by Softango and cannot be reproduced without prior written consent. Additionally, some of the screenshots have been marked with a Softango watermark.
  • SOFTWARE PRESENTATIONS: Description texts found in various categories, and games presentations. Generally, the descriptions are a mix of content provided by the developer of the specific product and original content copyrighted by Softango, but may also be original in full. In any case, they cannot be reproduced without prior written consent
  • SCREENSHOTS DEPICTING SOFTWARE PRODUCTS OR GAMES: Most of these are taken by Softango staff and are easily identifiable by the Softango watermark that is applied on them. All such screenshots cannot be reproduced without prior written consent
  • SYNDICATED INFORMATION: Any information provided via XML/RSS feeds, KLIPs and other similar means. Reproduction is permitted as long as only the information within the feed is used and the source is clearly stated. Reproduction of the feeds themselves (copying of the entire XML file) is strictly prohibited and not permitted under any circumstances.

Permission to use parts of the CONTENT may be obtained by contacting Softango:

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