CrazyTalk 7.12.1303.1

CrazyTalk is an animation program designed to allow you to create 3D talking characters from still photos in a short amount of time. It takes practice to load an image and calibrate it so that the animation software can make it move, but the results are worth the effort. It can be used at a basic level to please hobbyists, but it has enough sophisticated options that it can produce professional-looking animations.

To start, after uploading a photo, you may crop the face and identify control points on it. The face will then be presented in wireframe or bones so that the control points can be aligned. The face can then be animated with the help of some easy utilities that allow you to add eye-rolls, blinking, or head movement. You can also create new motions with a tool call “Face Puppet. This feature gives you the control to fine tune muscle movements to show subtler emotions..

After you have brought your photo to life, you can add prerecorded sounds like laughs and growls, or add your own script to the animation. The software offers already-drawn backgrounds like a haunted house or a night club that can serve as a stage for the action, or you can do your own. CrazyTalk has an good interface feature that allows you to easily add your own photos, voices, and illustrations. Once you have created a character, you can save it to your library to use again and again.

CrazyTalk also has a few characters of its own so that you can practice using the software. If you are a beginner, you can test your the various features by seeing what you can do with preloaded images of an angry wife or a crazy dentist. It comes with learning tools and tutorials to help you find your way around. Once you gain skill with the software, you will find it an easy-to-use product that can save you hours of work creating 3D talking characters.

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CrazyTalk 7.12.1303.1
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