debxxf 2.9.6

How much time do you spend working with DOS and/or WIN16? Are you experiencing a lot of bugs in the DPMI applications and no matter what you try you just can't seem to get rid of them? There is help and hope! A few freebie downloads are available to decrease or eliminate the bugs altogether. Debxxf is one such download. It has some advanced capabilities for debugging DPMI applications so your experiences with DOS and/or WIN16 run more smoothly.

Unfortunately there are problems with debxxf too. It doesn't work so hot with DPMI hosts like cwsdpmi because it craves more memory to function. It's debugging properties run a little slow as well, especially if your programming text is a little longer than a few lines. Debxxf does, however, do a semi-decent patch job between earlier Windows operating systems an more current Windows operating systems.

Lastly, you have to be super computer geek to still want to run DOS and WIN16, which are fairly outdated but fun to play with if you collect that kind of thing. Some old school gamers will use it just for the games and creating basic entertainment from scratch, and they are the ones who will need this application the most. I pretty much picture a subterranean computer nerd finger pick typing code out on an Apple II with this application installed, but that's just me. You might enjoy this kind of thing, so test it out for yourself.

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debxxf 2.9.6
debxxf 2.9.6
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