Decor8 1.0

Decor8 is a program that you can download online and is used for customizing your Windows 8 start screen. This program gives you a wonderful opportunity to actually customize the look of the start screen right on your computer’s start screen. You will be able to rotate custom background images as well.

This program also comes in handy for those people that would actually like to change the color scheme to a more customized one. You will be given those options as well. You can now have a start screen that matches the theme that you have installed right on your computer.

With this program, you will only be given a 30 days trial and you can only install this program is you are running Windows 8 on your computer, otherwise it won’t do you any good. You will also be able to choose one of the included background or your own images. You can modify the start screen color scheme as well.

Again, this is only a 30 day trial period, so you will be able to get a general feel of this program and decide what you will like to do there after. It is worth having installed on your computer as well.

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Decor8 1.0
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