DeepSound provides a way to encrypt data into a variety of audio files. This makes it easier to create new audio sounds and generate hidden messages for particular recipients. It’s an intuitive tool for steganography that can provide security through a certain obscurity.

The DeepSound program offers a quick freeware solution to Windows based computers. It has been tested out on all modern versions of the operating system including Windows 7 without any problems. It can hide a variety of information into music of choice by embedding a FLAC or WAV file into the audio file.

The program is capable of processing files that are generated from audio CDs. The AES algorithm is the standard for encryption. This makes it easier for anyone to choose a file from an audio CD and then use it for storage of a particular message. Anyone who intercepts the file will simply hear the song as it was originally intended. Only those who know to look for an encrypted file will be able to find the message.

It’s possible to record dialogue, trade secrets or just fun messages for friends in a WAV or FLAC file. Once that file is created, it can be used inside of any type of audio file. Whether it is already on the computer or it needs to be ripped from a CD, DeepSound is able to provide the necessary assistance.

It will then be necessary to merge the two files together using the special encryption process. With the simple interface on DeepSound, anyone can figure out how to put a file into an audio file. It will allow data to be encrypted into an audio file and allow data to be extracted from an audio file.

This way, two parties can each have the program on their computer and send encrypted messages back and forth to each other without worrying about anyone learning of their plan if it is intercepted.

The DeepSound program is easily downloadable to the computer at no cost. Anyone can give the program a try without spending any money. It’s also important to check back on occasion to see if advancements have been made to the program.

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