DeskScapes 3.5

DeskScapes is a great program that offers users the opportunity to customize their existing Windows desktop backgrounds with special effects. With an included DREAM interface, users of the program can also use animated or video images as a desktop background. Users can also mix and match static images with animation or video to create unique and customized desktop themes. Or, string together a series of images for a slideshow effect.

From a technical standpoint, DeskScapes does offer a few unique features over other programs. This package has an option allowing it to shut off on standard laptops when utilizing battery power. Users can also upload their favorite desktop skin designs, share them, and download others' creations using (This website alone has hundreds of options to choose from.)

This program works with most Windows versions, including Windows 7 and Windows Vista. No word on support for Windows 8 at this time. Windows XP users will want to make sure that their video card is up to par prior to downloading the software package.

In all, DeskScapes is a fun alternative to traditional desktop image programs. This software is free to download with a thirty day trial period before full activation and registration is required.

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Windows 7, 7 x64, 8, 8 x64
Stardock Corporation
DeskScapes 3.5
DeskScapes 3.5
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