Other Desktop Enhancements

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  • NTFS Link 2.1
    NTFS Link 2.1NTFS Link is a file system that creates links in Windows Explorer. NTFS Link makes it simple to generate a ...
  • ZoomIt 4.5
    ZoomIt 4.5ZoomIt is a handy application that helps me with my live presentations. The tool is simple to use and even ...
  • XWidget
    XWidget is a computer application that offers a widget engine alongside other fascinating elements. The wid...
  • f.lux 1.0 / 3.2 Beta
    f.lux 1.0 / 3.2 BetaIf you've ever gotten a headache from looking at your computer screen too long, then you'll appreciate f.lu...
  • Effective DesktopCalendar 3.5
    Effective DesktopCalendar 3.5Paper calendars simply are not efficient anymore. It is easy to forget to keep your calendar or planner wit...
  • Touch-It / 5 Beta 20
    Touch-It / 5 Beta 20
  • Wallpaper XChange 0.3
    Wallpaper XChange 0.3
  • My Wallpaper Gallery 1.6.1
    My Wallpaper Gallery 1.6.1My Wallpaper Gallery is a useful program for organizing wallpaper images for your desktop. This program cat...
  • AltDrag 1.0
    AltDrag 1.0AltDrag makes resizing windows easy. This program utilizes the Alt key and mouse to resize windows smoothly...
  •  Fences 2.11
    Fences 2.11Fences is a program designed to organize a cluttered desktop. As one begins to install programs onto their ...
  • mDesktop 1.6 Beta 2
    mDesktop 1.6 Beta 2Get a partner in working spaces with the mDesktop. This program prepares ten screens of space for you to ge...
  • Fitaly 5.02
    Fitaly 5.02Using a tablet can be a great thing, but you may find it is rather easy to make a typo or not be able to do...
  • Animated Wallpaper Maker 3.1.5
    Animated Wallpaper Maker 3.1.5While there are a lot of images that can become wallpaper, finding a program like Animated Wallpaper Maker ...
  • Desktop Zoomer 1.3
    Desktop Zoomer 1.3Desktop Zoomer is a wonderful screen magnifier that will enlarge the screen content of your computer. It is...
  • Dexpot 1.6.2 Build 2143
    Dexpot 1.6.2 Build 2143Dexpot is a wonderful program that allows users to move and copy windows among the desktops at any time wit...
  • Fast Copy (formerly XP Copy Path) 1.1.4446.31343
    Fast Copy (formerly XP Copy Path) 1.1.4446.31343Fast Copy (formerly XP Copy Path), is a software program that allows you to quickly copy a file/folder path...
  • MAC DOCK 3.3
    MAC DOCK 3.3Want an impressive means to shine on folks that visit you at home or your cubicle? MAC DOCK is the perfect ...
  • ChronoWall 1.52
    ChronoWall 1.52ChronoWall is a wallpaper manager that offers new creativity and management tools to keep your desktop wall...
  • BumpyMouse 1.3
    BumpyMouse 1.3BumpyMouse is one of those helpful products developed to block the computer system from dealing with task b...
  • Actual Title Buttons 7.3
    Actual Title Buttons 7.3Sticky notes can be tricky. Sometimes you want them in your sightline, sometimes they just get in the way- ...