Duplicate File Detective 4.3.50

Duplicate File Detective is powerful, professional and state-of-the-art technology for file content analysis that will provide with the exact location of duplicate files. There is more to Duplicate File Detective than simply freeing up disk space, it enables you to significantly reduce the amount of time-consuming operations for backup, provides precision to areas of document storage, reduces indexing processes, eliminates clutter and speeds up file searches.

This duplicate file management software frees up your time and saves you money. Duplicate File Detective significantly reduces the time you spend searching for duplicate images, documents and/or multimedia files. Some of the time saving features include flexible scan-time filtering, new project wizard, multi-format export, multi-threaded file system, intuitive user interface and much more including:

  • Inclusive search filtering system
  • Ability to search multiple paths in a single pass
  • Strong multi-threaded identification engine for duplicate files
    scans both network and local file systems
  • Printing/print preview
  • Customizable user interface and features
  • Calculator tool for file checksum
  • Integrated duplicate file scan summary report
  • SmartMark technology to help identify duplicates for processing
  • Much more

    With Duplicate File Detective you have the ability to scan multiple file systems, drivers, folders, network shares and removable storage devices in a single pass. The only limitations are the Nag screen and a 15 day trial period.
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Duplicate File Detective 4.3.50
Duplicate File Detective 4.3.50
Duplicate File Detective 4.3.50
Duplicate File Detective 4.3.50
Duplicate File Detective 4.3.50
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Duplicate File Detective