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  • K-Lite Codec Pack 10.4.5
    K-Lite Codec Pack 10.4.5
  • idoo Video Watermark 2.8.0
    idoo Video Watermark 2.8.0Distributing media on the internet can be easy and efficient if you know how to do it, that being said, it ...
  • Easy Video Reverser 3.9
    Easy Video Reverser 3.9Easy Video Reverser is an application designed for all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. ...
  • Media Player Classic 1.7.5
    Media Player Classic 1.7.5Media Player Classic provides users with a home cinema experience right on their computer. It’s an in...
  • SGS VideoPlayer 2.0
    SGS VideoPlayer 2.0SGS VideoPlayer is a simplistic media player that actually bundles many useful menu options for an easy and...
  • Youtube Movie Maker 9.26
    Youtube Movie Maker 9.26With Youtube Movie Maker it is easy for you to design, create, polish and then publish your own clips on th...
  • Video Comparer 1.04.007
    Video Comparer 1.04.007For anyone who ever needs to locate duplicates of videos on their computer, Video Comparer can help. It is ...
  • Autopano Video 1.5.1
    Autopano Video 1.5.1Anyone who wants to design their own panoramic clips from recorded videos can take advantage of the feature...
  • MP4 Player 3.7.10
    MP4 Player 3.7.10The MP4 is a nice download that is completely free for anyone wanting to use the software. It plays files a...
  • iDeer Blu-ray Player
    iDeer Blu-ray Player
  • VLC media player 2.0.4
    VLC media player 2.0.4For anyone wanting to play a video or audio file on their computer, VLC media player has to be one of your ...
  • XMedia Recode
    XMedia Recode Recode is a freeware application designed to convert music and audio files easily from your ...
  • Moo0 Video Cutter 1.03
    Moo0 Video Cutter 1.03Moo0 Video Cutter is an exceptional lightweight application that facilitates the editing of video clips. Th...
  • RaceRender 2.9.1
    RaceRender 2.9.1RaceRender is an application that allows users to create and edit videos with tools and techniques such as ...
  • MediaCoder 0.8.22 Build 5508
    MediaCoder 0.8.22 Build 5508MediaCoder is an all-in-one suite for the converting of audio and video files. Many users find converting f...
  • QSTranscode
    QSTranscode videos can be a great way to have your memories saved. The problem you may encounter is not knowing ...
  • MKV3GP 1.0.1
    MKV3GP 1.0.1Watching some videos on your computer can be exciting, but you may find some videos will not work on your c...
  • Free MovieDB 6.43
    Free MovieDB 6.43Having the proper tracking of all of your movies can be a good thing. However, you will find that it is mor...
  • Moo0 VideoInfo 1.05
    Moo0 VideoInfo 1.05Getting to track all of your information on music or video files can be a good thing. The problem which you...
  • EyeFrame Converter 1.7.7
    EyeFrame Converter 1.7.7EyeFrame Converter is a software program that is available for download online. It allows you to convert vi...