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  • Cool Movie Browser 3.0.140511
    Cool Movie Browser 3.0.140511Cool Movie Browser is a professional cataloging application that makes it easy to create and manage multime...
  • Youtube Movie Maker 9.26
    Youtube Movie Maker 9.26With Youtube Movie Maker it is easy for you to design, create, polish and then publish your own clips on th...
  • Video Comparer 1.04.007
    Video Comparer 1.04.007For anyone who ever needs to locate duplicates of videos on their computer, Video Comparer can help. It is ...
  • Video2Webcam
    Video2Webcam you're in need of an application that provides you with a virtual webcam, then Video2Webcam is what you'...
  • Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3522
    Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3522Have you been looking for a quick and effective way to edit together videos on your Windows computer, but h...
  • Nero 15.0.07
    Nero 15.0.07When it comes to disc creation. Nero is almost synonymous. As long as your computer has a drive capable of ...
  • Aegisub 3.1.2
    Aegisub 3.1.2
  • DVB Calculator
    DVB Calculator
  • LongoMatch 0.20.2
    LongoMatch 0.20.2
  • Subtitles Synchronizer
    Subtitles Synchronizer
  • RaceRender 2.9.1
    RaceRender 2.9.1RaceRender is an application that allows users to create and edit videos with tools and techniques such as ...
  • Free MovieDB 6.43
    Free MovieDB 6.43Having the proper tracking of all of your movies can be a good thing. However, you will find that it is mor...
  • Moo0 VideoInfo 1.05
    Moo0 VideoInfo 1.05Getting to track all of your information on music or video files can be a good thing. The problem which you...
  • videXpose 0.30 Alpha
    videXpose 0.30 AlphaSometimes finding and watching a specific video stored on your computer can be difficult. VideXpose 0.30 Al...
  • RTMPDump  2.3
    RTMPDump 2.3RTMPDump 2.3 is a media dumper that is designed to be a small dumper for media content that is streamed ove...
  • Compressing Word Filter 1.02
    Compressing Word Filter 1.02If you've ever imported Word Files into DejaVu, you know they can be huge. You probably also know that ...
  • Evatag 1.1.4
    Evatag 1.1.4Evatag is an application that can be used on any computer to enable the creation of certain files. Because ...
  • GameEx 12.77
    GameEx 12.77GameEx 12.77 is now available for download. Originally, this application was supposed to be used as a plug ...
  • Windows Live Movie Maker 2012
    Windows Live Movie Maker 2012Windows Live Movie Maker is one of the easiest downloads anyone could possibly use. If you have ever wanted...
  • SortTV 1.34
    SortTV 1.34SortTV is one of the best applications you can ever install on your computer. It is perfect for organizing ...