Easy DVD Creator 2.5.0

Try the fantastically easy to use DVD burning program from Softango. With the Easy DVD creator you can burn your favorite video files straight from any home PC with a dvd burner straight to a disc for sharing with friends and family. Computer users at all skill levels from novice to expert will find the software simple to use and capable of handling nearly any of their favorite video formats including MPEG, MP4, and even FLV files, which savvy users will recognize as the format favored by many video sites including Youtube.

The software doesn’t feature a very robust interface but you will find that it gets the job done. The Easy DVD creator offers the choice between PAL and NTSC formats as well as both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio. The only other selections a user must make is what DVD drive to use and what you wish for the DVD to be labeled when you burn the disc.

Easy DVD creator also possesses the capability to preview clips without the necessity of using a separate video player- which proves to be an invaluable and time-saving feature for users who have a large number of files on their computer.

When you use the program you will most likely find that-depending on your system- burning a DVD tends to use a substantial portion of your computer’s resources. This should not be problematic as the program completes the process of burning your video files to a disc relatively quickly. If this is still a problem you could alleviate some of the strain by burning files during moments of downtime.

You probably wouldn’t call the Easy DVD Creator program very fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. Anyone who has videos on their computer they want to watch on the big screen, share with their friends, or simply back up, will be pleased with its simplicity and its efficiency.

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Easy DVD Creator 2.5.0
Easy DVD Creator 2.5.0
Easy DVD Creator 2.5.0
Easy DVD Creator 2.5.0
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Easy DVD Creator