Encrypter 1.0

Encrypter is a small yet very easy to use computer application that can be utilized by anyone who has a Windows operating system installed on his or her computer. As the name implies, Encrypter is used to encrypt important messages and data. The encrypted information can only be decrypted by the person that one authorizes to have access to this information.

In today's world, one cannot be too careful. Malware programs and Trojans are commonly used to access the confidential, personal information that one has stored on his or her laptop. This information can then be misused if it falls into the wrong hands. This is why having a computer encryption program is so important.

Encrypter is by no means the only freeware computer program that can be used to encrypt one's personal data. Other programs of this nature include PGP and TrueCrypt. However, these programs take up a fair bit of space on one's computer. Furthermore, they are often not entirely compatible with all new versions of Windows. Encrypter, on the other hand, has no compatibility issues and even a person who is not computer savvy can figure out how to use the program in a matter of minutes.

Given the fact that Encrypter is a small yet efficient program, it is not hard to see why it has gotten four out of five star review ratings from those who have used it. The program does not have a lot of bells and whistles but it does what it was designed to do and is guaranteed to keep one's encrypted data safe and free from prying eyes.

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  • Software Name:
  • Encrypter
  • Software Version:
  • 1.0
  • Released:
  • License:
  • Shareware
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows
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  • Encrypter 1.0
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Encrypter 1.0
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