File Extension 1ST

Information about 1ST files and how to open them

Occasionally, software developers are quite clever with how they get you to do what they want. How are they clever? The maker of the 1ST file extension was quite coy.

People who read the file extensions are going to try to associate some level of meaning with the file extension, which isn't always easy nor practical; however, the maker of 1ST file format decided there was a clever way to get people to read the file. The developer named the file extension 1ST. As in, it should be the first file that you read.

A 1ST file extension is the same type of file as a readme. It provides all of the information of a readme, such as changes, how to use the application and more.

As with all plain text files, you can open it and read it. You can also change the information in the file if need be. You might have to make changes if you are the one who is updating the file; otherwise, it is recommended that you keep all the information as one piece.

Just remember, when you read the 1ST - readme file - that you must read that file first. If you pronounce the extension aloud to yourself, it will sound the way it is meant to be read. It is quite the clever way for the developer to get you to read the information at hand.

Product(s) that can open 1ST file

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