File Extension 3ME

Information about 3ME files and how to open them

3ME - TurboTax Form File

TurboTax, one of the most popular home based tax preparation programs of all time, generated the .3ME file as a part of the tax form generation process. These files will contain the form data which is displayed as a part of the tax preparation process. Also, these forms may also contain instructions that pertain to form sections as well as associated comments to further explain and elucidate on the instructions and form requirements.

NOTE: The 2009 version of TurboTax for the Mac will generate .3PE files along with the .3ME files as a part of the tax preparation process. When the tax forms are completed, the .3ME and .3PE files are automatically moved to the Trash. Since these files are no longer required by the TurboTax application, these files may be safely deleted at a later date. Since this process is not automatic under Windows and it is possible to reopen the forms after the taxes are completed it is suggested that the .3ME files not be deleted at any time. These files are integral parts of the form display routines during the tax preparation process and deleting these files may corrupt later modifications.

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