File Extension 3PE

Information about 3PE files and how to open them

Nobody really enjoys doing their taxes, but luckily, the right software can make the whole process a little less painful. You still need to sort through all your receipts and bank statements, but organizing it all and coming away with a good understanding of what you owe and why is eaasier than ever before thanks to programs like TurboTax.

TurboTax 2008 remains popular among professionals and individuals alike years after its release. Although subsequent releases have added more features and changes over the years, some people still prefer the 2008 version of the software.

3PE - TurboTax 2008 Form File is the file format used by the software to save your tax information. A neat thing about this file is that even if you do choose to update TurboTax, the software automatically replaces the 3PE file to the newest version's file format. The Mac version saves a 3PE and an identical 3ME along with it.

TurboTax is the gold standard of tax software right now, and 3PE files are a versatile and useful file format within the field. You can export as text and print it out or just email it to your tax people.

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