File Extension A3L

Information about A3L files and how to open them

Authorware 3 is a program that creates online material. The material is geared towards online learning, such as online courses and training.

A3L - Authorware 3 Library is the file format that stores the data for Authorware 3. The type of data held depends on the project. It stores icons, images and sounds used by Authorware project files.

If you were to create a file that had images and sounds, the A3L file extension would store them for use by the project file. This helps the program collaborate with its engine and compile the data. As a secondary task, it keeps all of your files in a compact format. This helps you edit and change information as you need to in Authorware 3.

How do you open an A3L file format? You double click on the A3L file. Authorware 3 should open the extension automatically. Otherwise, you will have to set Authorware 3 as the default program to open the file.

Authorware 3 typically converts A3L files to a final format. The final format is typically HTML, which can be used on the Internet. After all, you are creating Internet content to place it on the Internet; therefore, it needs to be in an Internet format.

Authorware 3 has been succeeded by Authorware 7. Authorware 7 has been defunct for over 10 year since it was acquired by Adobe Systems; there is no Adobe counterpart to Authorware 7.

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