File Extension A3W

Information about A3W files and how to open them

Authorware 3 is a program created for the purpose of designing educational material. Authorware 3 was made by Macromedia, which has been replaced by Adobe Systems. The Authorware 3 platform was replaced by Authorware 7, which was the final installment in the Authorware suite. Authorware 7 has been discontinued for 10 years now.

At the time of this writing, A3W - Authorware 3 Windows File is not supported by any current program. This is an unpackaged Windows file. Its purpose was to contain data for the beta Authorware 3 program. The file is not editable by any current program.

How can you use an A3W file extension? You cannot use it in its current state. The file format was never finished. It was in beta stages, but replaced by another file format for Authorware 3.

You can attempt to convert an A3W from its current format to another format, but the results from converting the file are unknown. Since Authorware 3 is defunct, there is no known use for converted files.

If you know of a program that can run A3W, feel free to shoot us an email. We will update this page to contain the relevant information to the A3W file format.

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