File Extension A4L

Information about A4L files and how to open them


The extremely versatile file extension known as A4L - Authorware 4 Library typically houses objects that include icons, sounds and even pictures that are utilized by the program Authorware. Authorware is widely known as the leading visual authoring tool that allows users to build extremely rich e-learning programs for a wide variety of purposes. This file type can typically be distributed over a CD, using a network, or even downloaded from the Internet. It should be stated that Authorware 7 is actually the latest version of this program, and it was created by the developer Macromedia well before that company was ever acquired by Adobe. The file extension A4L - Authorware 4 Library is still widely used by the program which is now owned by Adobe Systems, which makes things easier for users of the previous version of the Authorware software suite.


The fact that this file extension is capable of housing so many objects, including icons, sounds and images is proof of its versatility, although users of the program that it works within should be able to see that right from the start. This file extension is used to contain so many of these objects in order to keep compression levels high without sacrificing the quality of the objects in question. This allows a much more feature-rich experience for the user. The great thing about the fact that this is used by Adobe Systems is that most computers that have been manufactured within the last several years should have no problems whatsoever using this file extension. A4L - Authorware 4 Library is quickly becoming the industry standard amongst developers from all over the globe.


Make sure that you check out A4L - Authorware 4 Library before bothering with other programs that use foreign extensions that may be less functional than this one is. You should have no problems accessing the file and getting started. The only thing that is required is to launch the program that reads the file and click open on the file that you need access to. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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