File Extension A4W

Information about A4W files and how to open them

Authorware 4 was meant to support the A4W - Authorware 4 Windows File format, but it did not make it to release. The file format was scrapped before it was released. This is an unpackaged windows file meant to be handled exclusively by its parent program.

Opening the file is as simple as right-clicking it and selecting open file, or you could double tap the left mouse button to open the file. Either method will come up with a select default program menu. Unless you have a program that can open the A4W file format, there is no way to open it.

How would you open an A4W file format? There is currently no program that can open the A4W file extension. The only known program was the beta version of Authorware 4, but the format was changed prior to release.

The last supported version of Authorware was Authorware 7. After that iteration, Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems. Adobe Systems then changed the name of the file to support their ongoing development.

If you have recently received an A4W file extension, you may not have a use for it. As of currently, there is no way to switch the file to another format, unless you have the beta version of Authorware 4. Ask the sender for another file format to suit your needs.

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