File Extension A5L

Information about A5L files and how to open them

Library files contain information that is required by the parent program. This information includes information about the project, sounds, images, icons and controls.

A5L - Authorware 5 Library is a file format that was made for the Authorware 5 platform. It is the library file, which contains all of the data for the programs projects. In the case of finding an A5L file extension, you will be able to open it with Authorware 5.

Authorware 5 was a program that was made by Macromedia. After Authorware 7, Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems. Authorware 7 was the last iteration of the Authorware suite that was designed to create e-learning material.

How do you open the A5L file format? You can't unless you have Authorware 5 installed. As long as Authorware 5 is installed on your system, it should be the default program for running A5L file extensions. All you have to do is left click twice on the file, wait for Authorware 5 to pop up and you will have access to all of the sounds, images, icons and controls.

Now that you understand what an A5L file format is, you can enjoy creating your own e-learning material. At the time of this writing, Authorware 5 is severely out of date. Create material with Authorware 5 at your own risk.

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