File Extension A65

Information about A65 files and how to open them

The Authorware v6.5 file is designed by Macromedia software. Macromedia was later acquired by Adobe. This file format was never released to the general public.

How do you open an A65 - Authorware 6.5 File? The program, Authorware 6.5, was being designed to open the A65 file format but never released to the general public. It was in development when the project was canceled. In short, you have a program that was in its experimental phase before it was scrapped for the latest program. It is likely that only beta testers had access to the A65 file format.

If you have received the A65 file, you should ask the sender for a different format to be used. There is no way that you can open the A65 file since the program was never released.

You could try to convert the file, but it is unlikely that there is any known method of conversion for this particular file type. You could try to open it in Authorware 7. The file was a beta for Authorware 7; therefore, it may be able to open or at least convert the A65 file format.

Authorware 7 was the last format that was created by Macromedia before being acquired by Adobe Systems.

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